Based on Steve's latest book, Published by marshall cavendish


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Free copies available to all participants in Coach - Steve Dawson courses, incorporating political correctness for the public speaker

Locker Room Talk on MoneyFM 89.3

                                           A conversation with MoneyFM's Michelle Martin about political correctness in the pubic domain

What they're saying about Locker Room Talk

“It’s our responsibility to treat everyone with the respect they deserve. The language we use is the first step in that direction. Steve’s book will get you thinking about the right path.”

Viv Anderson, ex-England international footballer

“A carefully researched, thought-provoking book, Steve examines the trajectory of political correctness and its impact on public life. I was particularly drawn towards his take on the cultural aspects of political correctness. It will intrigue anyone interested in this ongoing debate."

John Wilkinson - gym owner

Locker Room Talk is immensely timely. Living with today’s daily minefield of opportunities on which to trip up, this should be compulsory reading for everyone, no matter what your walk of life. Fortunately Locker Room Talk is the roadmap that will set you right!

Dom Lane, Executive Director, UBS Wealth Management